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Why let equipment set your standard?

Think back to when you first decided to work out.  You had goals and hopes.  We all do and that is good.  You enter a gym, sign up get the tour.  Something is very obvious, about 90% of the gym is machines spread out and about.  Most of the of gym goers are on these machines.  Some look like they have gotten very good results and some look like they are just starting out.  So you take the tour, go through the paper work and then you are off to set out on your journey.  You climb on the treadmill and start running, it feel’s great.  Now think back to those original goals, have you exchanged them for what the machine has to offer?  Are you letting that machine set your goals?  Your standard for your body? Looking back, do you find that you are not training for your original goals at all, but are instead training for the treadmill?  Training to increase the elevation more and the speed higher and time longer because then you will lose the weight?  What did you feel the first time you were able to increase these things and found the results very disappointing?

Consider someone who sets out on the treadmill to increase their distance running, burn fat and be more athletic.  They might feel like all those goals are being accomplished at first, but once they go for their first post treadmill training run, they quickly realize they were not being trained to run in the real world.  It is completely different.  The effort, the muscles, the oxygen requirement, are all vastly different.  The treadmill set their bodies standard as being adequate on that piece of equipment for that setting and thats it. Want to run your body in the real world? Start all over.  Want to switch from the treadmill to the stair master?   Start all over.  Kind of a sad picture don’t you think?

Now consider someone who is in the same shape as the guy prior to his treadmill training and has the same goals. Instead he sets out to start sprinting.  He cannot sprint a full 50 yards at first, so he runs the mile until he gets a decent time, he figures on under 10 minutes.  He then starts running sprints, he can maintain the full sprint for 50 yards now.  Now he just focuses on getting faster and faster.  He finds a way to improve every time, getting faster, sprinting more and more each session, cutting down rest, whatever it takes.  How do you think he will perform in every other area of his training?  How would he do jumping on a stair master?  How would he do jumping on a tread mill?  The difference is, the standard of his body was his and his alone.  He owned his training, found a way to train that he could control and put in a lot of hard, hard work.  He did not leave his progress up to a machine pumping out numbers or even governing how hard he trained.  His standard, his progress, his training was all his and his alone. He had no numbers about calories or fat burn.  He did not need to know the elevation of his track or even the speed he was running at.  As long as it was his all, that is all the information he needed.  And he owned it, grabbed hold and never looked back.

The choice you have is to own your training or give it to a machine that says “this is how hard you will train today, this is all you are capable of and this is all you will become proficient at, in exchange I will take your energy and your goals”, or take your goals back, believe you are capable of anything and capable of achieving anything without the “assistance” of any machine and put in hard work.


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